Phone slow ? Or running out of storage? Solution

By | December 10, 2016

SUPO Cleaner (Super Power) App

Phone slow ? Or running out of storage? Solution Phone slow ? Or running out of storage? Solution Phone slow ? Or running out of storage? Solution

Phone slow? Or running out of storage? Tried many cleaning and boosting apps in market but without satisfying result? Don’t worry, now you can solve all the problems! – Our app SUPO Cleaner aims to offer you the most amazing mobile experience by boosting your phone speed and helping you clean up memory, cache and junk files in storage. There will be no more delay in responding to you demand and your memory space will always be available to use.

SUPO Cleaner is 100% Free! Download it for free and never worry about your phone speed again!

Link to Download SUPO Cleaner (Super Power) App

Function Features:

►Accelerating and optimizing overall performance
One-tap to clean and optimize your phone memory, get your phone functioning with better performance. The app can help force ending backend processes. You will enjoy a more smooth online experience after a boost by our superior phone optimization algorithm;

►Cleaning junk files
The app will run an elaborate analysis to detect junk files, surplus memory and cache, delete them in order to free up your memory and storage;

► Cooling CPU
The app will detect the most consumptive App. Make it clean and neat for the purpose of cooling your CPU;

►Cleaning optionally and automatically
You can make choice of specific cleaning categories when making phone boost, including cleaning unwanted cache, advertisement cache, downloaded APK packages in storage, etc. speed up your phone performance with this super cleaner!

►Ignore List
Preventing specific group of apps from being killed in the background by the app or cleaned of their caches

►Autostart Manager
Helping you to manage apps that silently start automatically during phone launch and consume unnecessary battery power

►Listing device information
This app will gather all related information about your phone and make the info listed together in one page for you to have a quick overview of your device’s property, such as size of phone storage, Android system version, CPU info, battery temperature, etc.

Recent concerns:
If you were asked for camera access in the phone in some app versions, it was because the app needs to request information about camera resolution, please be reassured that we respect our users and no privacy would be intruded.
If you were misled to download SUPO Cleaner (like Save your battery life,against viruses, adware),please send feedback to us. Meanwhile, it’s really helpful if you could find out the trouble maker together with us.

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