Orril Powder Coated 21″ 2 Door Steel Shoe Rack

By | November 1, 2018

Orril Powder Coated 21″ 2 Door Steel Shoe Rack – Full White

Orril Powder Coated 21" 2 Door Steel Shoe Rack

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Orril Powder Coated 21″ 2 Door Steel Shoe Rack description

Great new discovery which saves more than Rs. 1.5 lakh worth of space. The best shoe rack to protect your whole family footwear and your investment. Very high and robust quality. Once placed you can use it for minimum 10 years. You can also keep wet footwear inside, a great investment for monsoon. There is a centralized lock so you can also place outside of your house. All your footwear are invisible once it closed. This is a unique shoe rack which takes just 5.5 inches of space. You can get rid of all the scattered footwear mess at your door steps. All the shelves open at once so you can locate your footwear without wasting your time. It is made of 0. 8 mm galvanized steel. It has gone through several chemical processes to make it completely weather resistant. It comes with centralized lock to make it safe and secure. It is a well ventilated which make it clean and hygienic. Comes with lifetime warranty the only shoe rack backed by a hassle free replacement guarantee. Click the button at the top of this page to buy this and protect your loved one footwear.

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