Modi keynote – Modi Ki Note

By | December 9, 2016

Modi keynote – Modi Ki Note

People of India support our honorable Prime minister Modi Ji on the demonetization drive.

Modi keynote is an app to help you to find Details about Newly released Note in India

Modi keynote is a best app to help you.

Modi Ji ki Keynote – Note Scan — Purely for Entertainment purpose only – Scan your new 2000 and 500 note now and lets watch our PM Modi ji speech on black money and corruption. download and scan your note and watch pm Modi ji ka keynote.

As part of Modi government’s fight against black money, Help them to Destroy all black money in form of 500, 1000 Rs. Note. Be a part of Narendra Modi

government’s mid night surgical strike.

This Game is about destruction of black money.

You have to prevent the 500 & 1000 rupees notes from reaching to bank.
You can do this by touching the falling Notes.

Play and Share Show the power of your white money.


1) Exchange Currency
2) Convert Black Money To White Money
3) Effects of Demonstration
4) Modi Keynote 500, 2000
5) Modi Ki Note
6) New 2000 Note Features
7) Change Notes Rs 500, 1000 INR
8) Surgical Strike on 500 Rs. & 1000 Rs. notes.
9) Banned 500, 1000 rupees notes.
10) Black Money.
11) Duplicate Notes.
12) Modi Run
13) Modi Sarkar
14) India ka utsav

Modi Keynote,Modi Ki Notes explained in New Indian Currency we Know that recently announced by Prime Minister Of India Mr. Narendra Modi that From Midnight of the 8th November, regular currency note of Rs. 500/- & 1000/- has been banned in india.

This app is prank app not real app it only for entertainment purpose only…

Link to Download Modi keynote – Modi Ki Note App

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