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By | December 10, 2016

Mobile TV


With BSNL Mobile TV MiMobi you can now watch TV channels on your mobile phone on the move.All you have to do for playing TV on your mobile with BSNL connection is :

What is mobile TV ?

You can watch TV programs on your handset even while being mobile.

Just type “MY3GTV” & send to 55447
You will receive a  WAP link

Prerequisites to download MiMobi Tv:

For Nokia Handsets make sure:
Connecting via ‘Bsnl Wap ’
Menu > Web/Services > Click on Options > Settings > Default access point > Select

For Sony Ericsson Handsets make sure:
‘HttpNorth3g’ is selected in Internet Settings
Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Internet Settings > Internet Profiles > Select

Once the link is selected, the Web browser Starts downloading the application. Once the application is downloaded it will ask for installation. Once the Installation is complete, the app automatically invokes, if it doesn’t close the web browser and open app in Applications folder or Mimobi TV folder.Here click on any of the listed channel you want to watch,and it will start buffering that channel.

Can I view Ramayan or other daily TV shops on my 3G handset ?


Can I view pay channels ?

Yes, depending upon your subscription and tariff plan

Which channels can I view on my 3G handset ?

All channel, depending upon your subscription and tariff plan. For details please log on to

What can I watch through mobile TV ?

You can watch any of the programmers that are being provided by the content provider, who is having an agreement with BSNL to provide the content, on mobile TV. For details, log on to

Can I view pay channels ?

Yes, depending upon your subscription and tariff plan.

Is there any specific application to be downloaded to view TV ?

Yes, setting will be required to view mobile TV. In case ( Having agreement for Mobile TV) procedure is as follow

Handset Setting For Mobile TV

NOKIA From the main Menu, go to Tools folder and select Settings > Connection > Access points From Access Points menu, select Options > New Access point > Use default settings. Next, for each of the fields enter accordingly Connection name – PortalNorth Data bearer – GPRS Access point name – Prompt Password – No Authentication Normal click on Options > Advanced Settings Proxy server address – Port number 8080

SONY ERICSSON From the main Menu, go to Connectivity > Date Comm. > Data Account > New Account > GPRS data > add Name: PortalNorth click on CONTINUE APN – From the main Menu, go to Connectivity > Internet Settings > internet profiles > New profile > add. Name – PortalNorth Connect Using PortalNorth click on SAVE Select the PortalNorth in the list, click on More > Setting > Connect using – PortalNorth Internet mode – HTTP Use Proxy – Yes Proxy Address – Port number 8080 click on SAVE SONY ERICSSON HANDSET to watch mimobi tvFrom the main menu, go to Connectivity > Date Comm. > Data Account > New Account > GPRS data > add Name: HTTPNORTH click on CONTINUE APN – From the main menu, go to Connectivity > Settings for Java > New profile > add. Name – HTTPNORTH · Connect Using HTTPNORTH click on SAVE while watching a program use, select HTTPNORTH in Settings for Java
What are different sources to download settings ?

Settings will be automatically downloaded from OTA or can be downloaded from BSNL website

How many persons can simultaneously have video conferencing ?

10 People can have simultaneous video conferencing. One will be master . other 9 can add further 10 people in their Video conferencing group in which they will be master

What is MOBILE TV?

When it is possible to receive TV channels or on demand videos on your mobile phone it is called Mobile TV.

What is 3G Mobile TV?

When the Mobile TV is delivered on 3G network you get better experience without buffering breaks as the content is delivered over 3G broadband network to your mobile phone

What are the requirements for 3G Mobile TV?

The basic requirement is 3G enabled multimedia mobile phone with a 3G SIM card.

I Want to Use Mobile TV Service on my Handset. What do I need to do?

To Get Mobile TV Client on your handset, go through the following steps Send an SMS by typing MYTV? (with out quotes) to 55447. You will receive a WAP link message saying Click here to download? Click on the link (or) go to Options ïƒ Download Message As soon as you click on the link, web browser will be opened and will be downloaded. Once download completes, it will ask for Install Click Yes? to Install, it will ask for Phone Memory / Memory Card Once you select the Memory, it will start Installing. Once Installation gets Complete it will automatically open the Mimobi TV App. If App doesn™t open automatically, Close the browser and open Menu ïƒ Applications / My Own Folder. You can find Mimobi TV App there, click on the icon to open it.

I received the WAP link for MiMobi TV application in SMS message…

I received the WAP link for MiMobi TV application in SMS message, next how do I download the application?

Just click the link provided in the SMS message. It will download the application through the GPRS connection.

I currently have a WAP and Internet Plan, what will I need to do to get MIMOBI TV?

Send an SMS by typing MYTV? to 55447 and download the MIMOBI TV Application.

I am trying to download the application but the link does not work, why?

Due to the heavy traffic in the network, sometimes you may not be able to download the application. Try to download the application from a different location where the signals are good

How would I know if the GPRS (3G) Connection is established or not?

You can see a 3G? symbol on the left hand corner on your screen with the signals. You will see a consistent signal once a GPRS Connection is established.

What should I do if GPRS connectivity got lost while I was downloading the MiMobi TV Client?
You can see a 3G? symbol on the left hand corner on your screen with the signals. You will see a consistent signal once a GPRS Connection is established.

Accidentally I installed the application in my Phone memory, how do I move it to my Mobile Memory Card?

If you have already installed MiMobi TV, follow the installation instructions. It will ask you to install in phone memory or Mobile Memory Card. Then choose Mobile Memory Card. It will replace the MiMobi TV from phone memory to Mobile Memory Card.

I had already installed the application, but when I click on the MIMOBI TV link, it does not open, nothing happens. What shall I do now?

Switch off your mobile and then restart it again

When trying to install the MIMOBI TV Application, it shows not enough memory, what should I do?

Please delete some other data from your Memory Card and reinstall the application. MIMOBI TV would require a minimum of 2MB free space to install and work.

I got a message saying reinstall the application, but when I try to reinstall the MIMOBI TV I get some message?

Some MIMOBI TV applications files are deleted from your device. So, you have to freshly download the MIMOBI TV application and install it.

I have installed the application, but after downloading it shows some junk data?

It might be possible that MIMOBI TV is not supported on your device. Check the supported devices list available at www.mimobi. and confirm. If the device is supported, then please raise a case with

I have installed the Application and the website says that my Phone Model is supported, but still the application is not opening after installation?

Please delete some other data from your Memory Card and reinstall the application. MIMOBI TV would require a minimum of 2MB free space to install and work.

How do I register for MIMOBI TV?

Send an SMS by typing MYTV? to 55447 and download the MIMOBI TV Application.

I do not see an Access Point when I am using MIMOBI TV, do I need to set the access point?

When you download MIMOBI TV, access point will be set by default for Nokia Handsets and for other handsets check the Settings option in the Application.

I am registered for MIMOBI TV, but it says that my phone model is not supported, what should I do?

May be you are registered with some other handset. Please unsubscribe and then reinstall the application, only on the models currently supported.

How much memory do I need to have to install and run the MIMOBI TV Application?

To install and run the MIMOBI TV you must have minimum of 2MB free memory.

Where do I get to choose the different types of Subscription Packages available within the MIMOBI TV Application?

Within the MIMOBI TV application in the main screen you have options to choose different subscription packages- Monthly Plan and Pay-Per-View Plan etc. To get more detailed information regarding these plans you can get information from HELP menu.

What are the charges for the different types of packages?
Price points Approved rate for 3G (same as that of 2.5G network) Rs 10/- Pay per day per channel- watch any channel (Premium/non-premium/regional/non regional) unlimited viewing for one full day Rs 30/- Monthly subscription for one non premium/non regional channel out of 35 Non premium/ non-regional channels Rs 99/- Monthly subscription for bouquet of 12 non premium/ non-regional channels out of 35 Non premium/ non-regional channels Rs 50/- Monthly subscription for one regional/premium channel out of 12 regional/premium channels. Rs150/- Monthly subscription for 15 specified non premium channels (including some regional channels).

I have already registered using my SIM Card on my mobile handset. Now I am using a different handset, why does MIMOBI TV show me registration screen again?

When you install MIMOBI TV application on your mobile then the application will automatically start from the beginning for the first time. If you try to register with some other plan the charges would be taken into consideration and you will be subscribed with the new plan only

I would like to do a preview before I subscribe to MIMOBI TV Service what should I do?

Yes, you can watch one time free preview for 10Hrs usages valid for 1 month.

I am a postpaid subscriber, I am trying to register using the daily package, how long will it take to register me?

For a post-paid customer to get registered for a monthly or Per Channel Package with MIMOBI TV it may take 24 to 48 hours.

I have registered for a Monthly/Per Channel, but I keep getting the Alert saying Check Registration Status?, Why is that, and what should I do?

Your registration should be activated once you have received an SMS confirming your Registration. It would take 24 to 48 hours to get registered for Monthly or a Per Channel Package, if it has been more than 24 to 48 hours please call the customer care at 09400024365

I have registered for a Monthly/Pay per Day/Per Channel and I got SMS message saying Your MIMOBI TV has been activated?. After that I invoke MIMOBI TV and it still says Check Status? and when I try to check the status the GPRS symbol keeps blinking and nothing happens.

The network seems to be weak, please try accessing from a different location or at a different time.

What are the charges that apply while I am roaming?

Contact your Customer care for the charges at 09400024365

I have installed MIMOBI TV; please register me for monthly plan.

Click on any Channel, Packages will be displayed Select Monthly plan to Register

When I click on Check Status? It says, In Progress? what does it mean?

The registration you had requested is received but yet still has not been activated. Please check back within 24 to 48 hours.

How long it would take for the Registration to be activated?

It may take about 24 to 48 hours to get your registration activated.

When I click the Check Your Status? I get an error saying Pre-Paid Balance Low?

To activate any plan you must have enough balance to get subscribed. So, check your balance and proceed further.

When I am trying to register I get an error message saying Phone Model Not Supported ?

MIMOBI TV application works only on few device models. So, check out your model support with MIMOBI TV on website at

I get an error message saying Re Register to view MIMOBI TV ?

When your Preview option has been expired and yet you are not subscribed to either of the subscription packages then the re-register message would pop up.

I am registered for Monthly Package, how can I change to Per Day Package? If so, how?

To switch your plan from Monthly plan to pay per Day package try to unsubscribe and then reregister with Pay per Day package from the registration screen

I am registered for Daily Package; can I change to Monthly Package? If so how?

Yes, you can change Monthly plan from Pay per Day package. After 24 hours from the time you registered as Pay per Day you are free to switch to any other plan.

It has been more than a day since I have registered for MIMOBI TV; it still shows Check Registration Status?

Your request is still in Process. As soon as your request is activated you would receive an SMS, please try accessing after you have received the SMS.

I got an SMS saying my MIMOBI TV Service is activated, but when I go to access MIMOBI TV, It still shows the Status as IN PROGRESS?

Your request is received to our service but still has not been activated. Please check back in an hour.

I installed MIMOBI TV application, registered for monthly plan and was using it. Somehow I reinstalled MIMOBI TV application and it shows me registration screen again. What happened to my previous registration plan?

When you re-install MIMOBI TV application on your mobile then the application will automatically start from the beginning for the first time. As you are already registered, please try to register again with the same Plan you opted at the time of registration so that subscription charges will not be charged again.

I am a Pay per Day subscriber. How to subscribe for Monthly plan?

First unsubscribe Pay per day plan and than subscribe for Monthly plan. To Unsubscribe Please follow the steps given below: -> Open MiMobi TV -> Select Options -> Unsubscribe.

What purpose is the Un-subscription option used?

This provides you the facility to switch from one plan to any other plan and also to unsubscribe to this service at any point of time

How to differentiate between 2.5G and 3G Networks?

If you are using 3G network, you can observer 3G ? symbol below the signal bar and for 2.5G it will be either ? or ? symbol

How to check whether the 3G is enabled on my phone?

In Menu go for Tools Settings Phone Network, there Network mode must be Dual Mode.

The clip was playing smoothly but suddenly MIMOBI TV had logged off.

Signal is weak (might be out of 3G range). B) Battery failed

How to check whether the program is updated or not?

Whenever a program is selected to watch, Time and Date of the updated program will be shown on the screen.

How to handle a telephone call while watching video?

In this situation the video will be paused for that duration and after the call it can be resumed from there

If a SMS/mms is received in the middle of a program then how to handle it?

A message icon is displayed on the top right corner of the screen when you are watching the program if SMS received.

Will I be able to hear alarm while watching the clip?

Yes, clip will be automatically paused when alarm occurs and then after snoozing it you will be able to watch the program from the paused state.

Can I send MIMOBI TV application to my friend?

NO, Currently MIMOBI TV does not support Blue Tooth download.

How often are the programs updated?

Programs are updated frequently, Check the time displayed when the clip starts playing.

I get a message saying,Channels/Programs updatedwhat does it mean?

This means that either new channels/programs have been updated or deleted

I click on a program it comes back and says Program not available? and Channels/Programs updated?

The program you have requested is no longer available

What will happen when I move from 3G network to 2.5G network?

You will continue to get the Mobile TV service, however the experience will not be as good as in 3G network

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