JBZ Egg Boilers

By | November 2, 2018

JBZ Egg Boilers

JBZ Egg Boilers

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Key features of JBZ Egg Boilers

  • Safe operation – Double thermal protection
  • Easy operation
  • Perfect for Soft,Medium or Hard Boiled Egg

JBZ Egg Boilers description

We all have those days when waking up and making breakfast is one of the biggest tasks – so to make those days easy, It brings you this electric egg cooker. Boil eggs, add salt and pepper to them and your breakfast is ready. Boil 7 eggs at one go in this egg cooker. Featuring a non-stick coating and see-through cover, this electric egg cooker will boil eggs just like how you love them, be it soft boiled or medium boiled. Crafted from stainless steel and plastic, this pink 350 W egg cooker is durable and comes with an indicator switch light.



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