IFB IVS 510050 ML 85-305V Voltage Stabilizer

By | August 30, 2018

IFB IVS 510050 ML 85-305V Voltage Stabilizer (White, Metallic Finish)

IFB IVS 510050 ML 85-305V Voltage Stabilizer
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Key features of IFB IVS 510050 ML 85-305V Voltage Stabilizer
  • Operating Voltage: 85-305 volts
  • Material: Metal, Finish: Metallic, Color: White
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Voltage Stabilizer
  • 2 years warranty on product
  • Capacity: Max 15Amps; Working Range: 85~305 Volt I/P
  • Display: Digital seven segment display
  • Application: Three bed room flat, 6 tube light, 6 bulbs, 6 fans, 1 refrigerator, 1 TV, 1 washing machine, 1 water pump (max 15 Amps)
  • 100 v – boost, 55 v buck, Hi/Lo cut, NTC
  • Capacity: Max 15 Amps
  • Working Range: 85~305 Volt I/P

IFB IVS 510050 ML 85-305V Voltage Stabilizer Description

Voltage fluctuations can harm your home appliances like refrigerator, television, air conditioner, iron box, inverter and tube light, CFL bulbs, fan, domestic pump etc. and reduce its life cycle. IFB’S range of digitally controlled voltage mainline stabilizers for house hold appliances, state –of– the art electricity saving equipment, is here to protect and safe guard your comfort. Once you connect IFB mainline voltage stabilizer, no need to install separate stabilizers for appliances and lightings. It has features as mentioned below. Give your home appliances the advantage of an IFB mainline stabilizer, innovated by years of R&D and international quality standard. IFB mainline stabilizers provides efficient protection for your electrical and electronic equipment’s against voltage fluctuations. Unique Features: Aesthetically designed to complement your home appliances and interiors. Widest voltage ranges, perfectly suited to perform under even the worst input voltage conditions. High power efficient prime grade CRGO toroidal transformer giving 98 percent efficiency. Inrush current capacity. By-pass MCB designed to by-pass the voltage corrector to mains supply as and when required, customer can put on the by-pass MCB during any problem with mainline stabilizer till the service engineer rectify the stabilizer. By-pass MCB can be put on when normal power supply is available. Digital microprocessor controlled circuit works as brain of the stabilizer. Generator compatibility. Fail safe circuit protection- cuts off power supply to connected equipment in case of component failure. Safety to compressor, electronic circuits, fan windings, motor winding etc. through smart time delay system between shutdown and restart. High or low voltage cut off to protect connected devices from dangerous voltage fluctuations. Thermal over load protection against overheating. Optimum quality performance by the utilization of sophisticated solid state circuitry technology. Fine quality components tested under stringent quality control measures at every stage of manufacturing. Automatic restart switches on automatically, on return of power supply returning to safe output range manual reset. High quality electromagnetic relays used for better reliability and silent operation.


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