Headlamp Flashlight for Emergency Camping & Kids Product Zzar

By | March 4, 2017

Product Zzar LED Headlamp Flashlight for Emergency Camping and Kids

Key features of this products -LED Headlamp Flashlight for Emergency

  • Great survival tool tactical gear- ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Features soft adjustable, elastic headband straps on top & sides for comfortable fit
  • It has a light range of up to 60 meters and its large on/off switch is easy for kids to use
  • Powerful, light to shine directly where they need it the most
  • Perfect for reading, grilling, walking, survival kits, household fixes and more…

LED Headlamp Flashlight for Emergency Camping and Kids

Price Rs 5508. Click to buy online

Product description: a high end led headlamp for all your mobile/emergency lighting needs just ask anyone who has ever hard to change a flat tire in the dark. They surely would have appreciated a powerful, light to shine directly where they needed it the most.

You may not fully realize the need for emergency lighting until you find yourself in these situations:

• camping at night, and engaging in various activities such as late bathroom runs or early morning fishing

• walking your dog late evening in the woods, or in a poorly lit neighborhood

• making car repairs where you need to shine light on your engine

• reading in bed before you fall asleep. The most efficient mobile/emergency lighting solution is the new pz-3watt cree 150 lumen led headlamp. At only 80 grams, this hands-free lamp is designed topact and lightweight forfort during extended periods of use while running, hiking, camping, hunting or bicycling. It’s also amazing for doing odd jobs in and out of the house such as reading, night walking and maintenance repairs. This led headlamp is long lasting, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Some unique features of this led headlamp include:

• comes with adjustable, elastic headband straps both on top and at the sides forfortable fit

• it is shockproof and water resistant suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

• no heavy external batteries or wires to carry around

• has a visibly large on/off switch making it easy even for kids to operate

• 90 degrees adjustable light angle with light range of up to 60 meters

• use 3aaa batteries (not included) it is backed by a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Click the “add to cart” button to order now!

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