Handheld Printer I Mini Portable Printing Pen

By | November 10, 2020

Selpic P1 Portable Mini Wireless Inkjet Printer, 600DPI Mini Portable Printing Pen, Print Gift Card/Custom Text/QR Code/Tattoo/Signature/Label, etc. Black

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  • 【The Smallest Handheld Printing Pen】It can be easily put in your pocket like a pen! The Selpic P1 printing pen can wirelessly print your customized content. Built-in 300 small nozzles, printing speed of 18 million drops/sec, can quickly print out clear details! The resolution is 600 dpi.
  • 【Print Almost Anything and Anywhere】Selpic uses 100% new water-based ink cartridges to meet all your printing needs at home, office or on the go! Including text, logos, memes, QR codes, barcodes, etc. on any plane. Perfectly suitable for textiles, leather, paper, even curved or uneven surfaces.
  • 【ST Chip Smarter Than Ever】The built-in international IC original chip makes the smarter handheld inkjet printer P1, which can easily connect to Android and IOS devices wirelessly (wifi or hotspot). With the help of a multifunctional APP, you can use all emojis and fonts for free, ensuring that everyone can customize their own exclusive text! It also supports multi-language, multi-line and multi-angle printing.
  • 【Vivid and Colorful Print】Selpic P1 uses a new water-based ink. While ensuring bright colors, high brightness and strong tinting power, it greatly reduces the possibility of spray clogging. The ultra-high printing efficiency and 5ml ink cartridge make P1 can print 90 pages of A4 paper (8 color replaceable ink cartridges can be purchased in our shop).
  • 【Useful Tips and After-sales Service】Comes with a high-quality alcohol swab, which can wipe off the ink and clean the nozzle to get the clearest text. The Selpic team has been focusing on the printer revolution since 2016 and has successfully launched the S1 series of printers. For the newly released P1, we have received 100% funding support in just 24 hours from Indiegogo! We have a professional team of engineers to serve you!

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