Gooseberry Air Pressure Foot Pump

By | October 4, 2018

Gooseberry Air Pressure Foot Pump For Bike, Car

Gooseberry Air Pressure Foot Pump

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Key features of Gooseberry Air Pressure Foot Pump

  • Product Type: Foot Operated Air Pumps.
  • Buyer are also requested to handle it with care, while placing the product on the ground/bottom and follow the process carefully.
  • Foot Operated Air Pump: This air pump does not require electricity but instead works like a cycle pump. It comes with a rubberized grip and features an analogue dial to indicate the pressure readings.
  • Please lock the nozzle needle tightly into the tyre/tube so that Air doesn’t gets leak, while buyer’s are pumping air into the tyre/tube.
  • Maximum capacity of this pump is set at 100 psi. Random Color Available.

Gooseberry Air Pressure Foot Pump description

This multi-purpose air foot pump is designed to inflate up to 100PSI. It can inflate everything from Bike Tires to Motorcycle Tires to Trailer Tires, Car Tires, etc. Folds to a compact size of 9″ x 3″ x 2.5″. Standard air tire locking head designed hose and includes a standard nozzle needle for sports balls and a nozzle for beach balls and other inflatables. High Pressure Floor Foot Pump (100 PSI) Includes Standard Nozzle for Sports Balls and Nozzle for Beach Balls and Other Inflatables Folds for Easy Storage Heavy Duty Steel Design


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