Godrej Locks Nav-Tal Premium Deluxe Hardened – 3 Keys

By | November 10, 2018

Godrej Locks Nav-Tal Premium Deluxe Hardened – 3 Keys

Godrej Locks Nav-Tal Premium Deluxe Hardened - 3 Keys

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Key features of Godrej Locks Nav-Tal Premium Deluxe Hardened – 3 Keys

  • Premium padlock with advanced duo technology which greater security
  • Rivetless machine pressed clinch joints increase construction strength
  • Rust resistant internal components
  • Hardened electroplated shackle resists hacksaw cutting and rusting under normal atmosphereic conditions
  • Shackle gets engaged at both ends for greater security
  • Package Contents: 1 lock and 3 keys
  • Free installation available in selected locations serviceable by Godrej service team. Contact_us on: [ 1800 209 45 43 ] to check if your location is eligible for Free Installation facility. Also, free installation is applicable only for Doors & wooden frames

Godrej Locks Nav-Tal Premium Deluxe Hardened – 3 Keys description

“When it comes to locks, nothing can offer you better than Godrej. If you are looking for strong and secure padlocks, just go for Godrej Nav-Tal Premium Deluxe Hardened lock – 3 keys. This rust resistant lock from the house of Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems provides greater security and this is what stands highly essential when selecting locks. The premium padlock with advanced Ultra Duo technology provides complete security. It’s computerised key with Ultra Duo Technology offers key combinations upto 100 million. This makes duplication of key virtually impossible. The body of this lock is made from brass sheet which helps the lock to sustain longer life. It also makes it rust resistant and corrosion resistant which inturn enhances the durability of lock in any atmospheric condition. The shackle of the lock is electroplated and is made up of hardened steel which makes it hacksaw resistant, rust resistant and crowbar resistant. The body of the lock is also clinched and rivetless to provide it more strength. This multi-featured product from the house of Godrej is the perfect blend of durability and functionality. The brand is widely popular because of its trust, integrity and protection. Today, even after a period of more that 100 years, the legacy of this brand has sustained a high degree of security for its consumers owing to implementation of constant innovation.”


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