Dharmsut Double Layer Egg Boiler Electric Cooker/Poacher

By | November 2, 2018

Dharmsut Double Layer Egg Boiler Electric Cooker/Poacher

Dharmsut Double Layer Egg Boiler Electric Cooker/Poacher

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Key features of Dharmsut Double Layer Egg Boiler Electric Cooker/Poacher

  • PRECISE & EFFORTLESS 1-TOUCH COOKING: Want to Know How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs & More in a Dash? The Perfect Egg Cooker lets you choose exactly how you want your eggs cooked. Cooking requires just the push of one button! Marked measuring cup makes it easy to pour in the right amount of water you need – no timer or programming required. Egg-Right Technology circulates steam for perfect cooking and shuts off automatically when done
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – EASY TO PEEL HARD BOILED EGGS & MORE: Versatile egg cooker for meal prep, large families, cooking for parties, high protein diets, and picky eaters. Boil eggs for egg salad, as salad toppings, breakfasts on the go, pre-workout high protein meals & more. Cook deviled eggs, make easy breakfast omelettes, or poach eggs for Sunday brunch
  • Egg-Right technology circulates steam for even cooking.Cook 14 eggs at once
  • Stand-By Mode to help guard against overcooking

Dharmsut Double Layer Egg Boiler Electric Cooker/Poacher description

Now you can cook up to 14 perfect hard-boiled eggs quickly and easily –without boiling water! is great for omelets and poached eggs, too. Utilizing Egg-Right Technology, it circulates steam to cook your eggs to perfection, then automatically shuts off to prevent overcooking. Simply add water to cook up to 14 soft or hard-boiled eggs at once Crack eggs into the included insert trays for omelets, eggs Benedict or poached eggs Egg-Right technology circulates steam evenly for delicious hard, yummy medium & gooey-yoke soft boiled eggs, perfect poached eggs and succulent omelets Watch your eggs cook to perfection through the cook and look dome Includes: Perfect Egg Boiler Hard-boiled Egg Insert Poaching Insert Omelet Insert Measuring Cup for water

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