Cratos Ct Mosquito Net Foldable King Size

By | October 23, 2018

Cratos Ct Mosquito Net Foldable King Size (Double Bed) White Color With Pink/Blue Border

Cratos Ct Mosquito Net Foldable King Size

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Key features of Cratos Ct Mosquito Net Foldable King Size 

  • Gives you good sleep without disturbance of mosquitoes and harmful/hazardous gases
  • Pop Up Mosquito Net – Rigs/ready in less than 30 seconds
  • Self supporting net, No need of rods or ropes
  • Door shaped entry exit on both sides. Zips operating from both inside and outside

Cratos Ct Mosquito Net Foldable King Size description

Country Traders brings you high quality Cratos Mosquito net for Double bed. Mosquitoes will never stop attacking and they are now almost immune to all the chemicals sprays and coils that we use to kill them. Mosquito net is one of the oldest and the most effective way to protect your family from mosquito bites and save them from the deadly Malaria and dengue diseases. CT Mosquito net is a New, light weight, foldable mosquito net for double bed. Features: 1. The mosquito net for double bed is closed from all 4 sides but is open from bottom. 2. Self Supporting Net, Pops up in an instant and Automatically 3. Made of High quality polyester, polypropylene net 4. Has Double sided reversible zippers for easy Entry and Exit 5. Door Shaped entry and exit zipper gates on both sides 6. Fancy lace on top of the entry gate gives it a classy look 7. Easy to fold and unfold – takes just a minute to fold back 8. Needs less storage space. Dimensions: When Open: 200 X 200 X 145 ( Cms ) When Closed: 60 X 60 (Cms) Color: White with blue border & White with Pink border 9.Easily washable (corrosion resistant), Self supporting, no requirement of Nail

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