Converting your selfies into pieces of art with Reos Camera app

By | December 11, 2016

Reos Camera app

Reos is a one stop  solution to all your camera needs. Let’s take a selfie! Powered by Artificial Intelligence, discover art by converting your selfies into pieces of art. Make your selfies perfect by editing it with beauty mode. Collection of live image filters to apply awesome effect to shots. Video, Timelapse & Slowmotion for completing your video experience.

  Reos Camera: Art & Beauty- screenshot thumbnail     Reos Camera: Art & Beauty- screenshot thumbnail      Reos Camera: Art & Beauty- screenshot

Link to Install Reos Camera App

Features of Reos Camera app

• Awesome Artistic Effects
• Selfie Editor
• Live Filters
• Smart Camera
• DSLR-like manual camera control
• Image Search for smart shopping
• HD videos
• Slow Motion
• Time Lapse
• Beauty Filters
• QR code and Barcode Scanner
• Vignette Mode

Artify wtih Reos Camera app

• Convert your selfie to top work of art by choosing from array of exceptional art pieces using Reos
• Experience the awesome impact of Deep Learning on your clicked selfies and photos and mix them with famous works of art
• Share awesome edited selfies and pictures with your friends instantly on Facebook and Instagram
• Discover the Picasso in you, create your own Monalisa. Free of any costs

Live Image Filters features of Reos Camera app

• Collection of exquisite filters designed specifically for editing your selfie in Reos Camera
• Each will Improve your images make them awesome with variety of ways
• See how your shots would look even before capturing Shots
• Try all Filters for free giving different experiences to your Shots

Beauty Mode of Reos Camera app

• Use this selfie exclusive best feature to slim and add beauty to your shots using Reos
• Smoothen your skin : Remove wrinkles, blemishes, acne and improve skin tones
• Get Top quality professional beauty shots and use the Lip color to experiment various colors on your lips
• Reos Camera is the ultimate free beauty editor tool for selfie
• Share awesome edited selfies and pictures with your friends instantly on Facebook and Instagram

Image search by Reos Camera app

• Just saw something that you like, now use your Reos Camera to discover that product instantly
• Click the picture and get instant Buy options and price Comparisons all these features free of any costs
• QR and Barcode Scanner: Directly find the products online using Barcode & QR code scanner

Timelapse feature of Reos Camera app

• Record awesome Time lapse videos on your device
• Record high quality time-lapse clips effortlessly thanks to the simple, fast and intuitive interface

Slow Motion feature of Reos Camera app

• Record a slow motion video. Share video with your friends and get hundreds of ‘likes’ for free
• Record people playing Sports, Diving and Dancing experience a new dimension
• Record various Life processes and slow it down get a revamped experience of recorded videos

Settings of Reos Camera app

• DSLR-like manual control over exposure compensation, white balance & focus modes
• Control Aspect Ratio, Image & Recording quality of the camera
• Option to disable shutter sound, configure volume keys, touch to capture & many more

Other Information about Reos Camera app

• Please note that Timelapse & Slowmotion is hardware dependent and may not work on all devices.
• Artify and Image search require active internet connection
• Manual camera settings might not be available on all devices

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