Concept of Physics Part-2 (2018-2019 Session) by H.C Verma

By | October 1, 2018

Concept of Physics Part-2 (2018-2019 Session) by H.C Verma Paperback – 2017

Concept of Physics Part-2 (2018-2019 Session) by H.C Verma
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Concept of Physics Part-2 (2018-2019 Session) by H.C Verma description


verma is considered as one of the most important book in physics for students whoare preparing for iit jee and other competitive exams.the theory related questions are very intersting in verma i was thankful to flipkart for selling this book for cheap price less than the market value –By pavan nath on Dec 21, 2011

The theory in the book is so precise, logical and fun to read that even a beginner can understand most of the concepts by himself. Questions for short answers are a amazing feature of this book,for they touch every minute points of understanding. –By Harshdeep Gupta on Nov 30, 2011

After going through the first part my eagerness to go through the second one made me to purchase this book . this book is just awesome it clears all fundamentals and basics just like a good teacher , it has everything packed inside the 450 pages. I recommend it to all as its necessary for your jee preparation as well as for strength your “concepts of physics. –By amit das on Apr 23, 2012

About the Author

Harish Chandra Verma is an Indian Nuclear Experimental Physicist, educationalist and author. He has authored popular books such as Dominion Status VS Complete Independence, Industrial Families in India, Foundation Science: Physics For Class 9, etc. After procuring his doctorate from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, he went on to work as a reader and lecturer at Patna University. As a physicist, his chief areas of interest are in Materials Applications, Condensed Matter and also on Earth Science related issues like extinction boundaries and meteorites. Apart from his research in areas of physics involving meteorites and Earth Science, he also gives lectures on topics like India’s heritage and cultural values.

  • Paperback: 450 pages
  • Publisher: Bharati Bhawan Publishers & Distributors; First edition (2017)


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