BSNL Hello TV – Watch movies and Live TV on your PC / Laptop through your data card.

By | December 10, 2016
FAQs for BSNL Hello TV for PC/Data Card users
1. What is BSNL Hello TV for PC / Data Card users?
Hello TV is the one stop entertainment destination where you can watch your favorite videos, movies and Live TV channels on your PC / Laptop through your data card.

2. How it is different from Mobile TV?
You can also see BSNL ‘Hello TV’ on your mobile (small screen). But if you want to see TV on bigger screen i.e. on Laptop/PC screen the same is provided through, “Hello TV service for PC / Data Card”

3. What kind of entertainment can I find on Hello TV?
Music videos, Movies and 50+ live TV channels. Hello TV has the best of entertainment. Just browse through our massive library of 1000+ items and take your pick from the best of Indian entertainment.

4. How do I avail the Hello TV service?
You can avail this service on BSNL’s — FTTH, WiMAX, DSL, GSM/EVDO Data cards & also through other operator’s any internet access by browsing web page.
  • For Live TV channel:
    a) Access webpage
    b) Create a Hello TV account.
    c) Log in by using username and password.
    d) Choose your channel and click on the subscribe button
    e) Select payment option.

5. Can other operator customers subscribe BSNL Hello TV service, if yes. How other operator/ service provider’s customer can avail this service?
They can subscribe using TRUST Card payment option on the website.

6. How to access this service through internet?
Through any internet media access, customer can browse , login & use this service, even if it is subscribed with other types of net access or payment modes.

7. What are the different channels we can watch on Hello TV?
Aastha Divya UTV Stars Zoom TV Music India UTV Bindaas
Star News Raj Tv Vissa Tv Raj News Hamaar TV Sangeet Bhojpuri
PTC Punjabi PTC Chakde PTC News Raj Digital Plus Sangeet Bangla 24 Ghanta
B4U Movies Manoranjan TV Raj News Telugu DD National Raj Musix Telugu Raj Musix Malayalam
Aaj Tak Bloomberg UTV UTV Movies Mh1 B4U Music Raj Musix
Headlines Today Tez ET Now Live India Times now Star Majha
Star Ananda NewsX Tv9 Gujrat Tv9 Mumbai

* And Many More

8. What are the different kinds of value packs available in three channel pack option ?
These are combination of different channel packs designed as per market demands.
e.g. Namkeen Teen, Super South, Breaking News Pack, North Ka Dhamal , Aami Bengali, Aamchi Pack & Ekdam Bollywood.

9. Is there any service other than TV channels?
Yes, you can access Music Videos & Movies in addition to TV channels:
For Music videos:
    a) Create a Hello TV account
    b) Log in by using username and password.
For Movies:
    a) Create a Hello TV account
    b) Log in by using username and password.
3) Movies:
    a. Create a Hello TV account
    b. Log in by using username and password.

10. What are the different kinds of subscriptions packs that I can choose from Hello TV?
There are many kinds of subscription packs you can choose from –
Pack No. of channels Subscription fee Validity
Jumbo 30 99* 1 month
South Special 30 99* 1 month
Value Packs 3 29* 1 month
Single Channel 1 10* Daily
1 20* Weekly
1 29* Monthly

*for latest tariff, please visit BSNL website —

11. What are the mode of payments in Hello TV account?
You can pay by 2 modes after creating an account:
a) TRUST card
b) BSNL Mobile number talk-time:- the subscription charge will be deducted from balance of your prepaid BSNL Mobile Number (GSM Mobile or Data Card Number) or billed, in case of BSNL Postpaid number.

12. Is there any limit on the number of items I can subscribe from Hello TV?
Absolutely not, we believe entertainment has no limits, so why limit your access to entertainment?

13. Do I need to be a member of Hello TV to access the entertainment?
Yes, you have to create a Hello TV account to enjoy browsing and sampling all the videos and movie content available on the site. For Live TV you have to create a Hello TV account and subscribe to the channel packs.

14. I am very selective about the content I subscribed, what plan do you recommend?
If you would like to pick just one item at a time, choose single channel pack. If you are likely to go for more than one channel at a time, you can go for the jumbo pack.

15. Can I hold multiple subscription plans at the same time?
Yes, you can hold multiple subscription plans at the same time.

16. Can I change my plan before I pay for the content?
Sure you can. When you are on the shopping cart page, just choose the price plan which best suits your requirement. Only when you are sure that you are opting for the right price plan, that is when you should click on “Proceed to payment”.

17. What can I find in the My Cart?
Your “My Cart” consists of all the items you want to purchase. To go to the My Cart, just click on My Cart items.

18. Can I create playlist of the content in my content library?

19. Can anyone else access My Account?
Your “My Account” is your own private collection of purchased content. So long as you do not share your Hello TV username/password, no one else can access your content library.

20. Do I have unlimited access to the content in “My Account”?
Yes, you can access your content library as often as you want to, by simply authenticating yourself with username/password and going to “My Account”.

21. I have a question about one of my transactions listed here, who do I ask?
You can Email us your query on the following email ids:
Sr.No. Zone Name of the Call center E-mail id
1 North zone Karnal
2 Dehradun
3 Ajmer
4 Lucknow
5 West zone Ahmedabad
6 Pune
7 Bhopal
8 East zone Guwahati
9 Bhubaneshwar
10 Kolkata
11 Patna
12 South zone Hyderabad
13 Bangalore
14 Chennai
Our customer support will revert with a response.

22. Are all the entertainment content (music videos, movies and live TV channels) on Hello TV available for subscription?
No, Music videos and movies do not require any kind of subscription. You can simply log in and click on the content and it will play. Only for Live TV channels subscription is required.

23. What is the minimum speed required to enjoy this service?
Minimum bandwidth required is 256 kbps.

24. Why should I pay for subscribing content from Hello TV when I can download it free from other sites?
Hello TV offers the latest content available on the entertainment circuit. We also ensure that the content you are subscribing from the site is of good quality and is free of any viruses or spyware. This way, you are subscribing to the best of entertainment, and that too legally.

25. Can I be sure that the entertainment content I download from Hello TV is legal?
BSNL ensures that all the content available on the site is legal. Be it the videos, movies or live TV channels, all the content featured on Hello TV is being offered legally for your entertainment and downloading purposes.

26. If I find any inappropriate content on the site, what should I do?
You can report this inappropriate content to us. Click on the ‘contact us’ link or fill out the form of Feedback. Our team will promptly look into this.

27. Can I get this service on my mobile?
Yes. Live TV, videos and movies are available on “BSNLLIVE” WAP Portal which you can access from your mobile. Please visit in to get more information on this.

28. From where I can get Trust Card?
Its available at ITZ world’s outlet, BSNL Franchisees, BSNL Customer Service Centers, BSNL retailers.

29. Is there any other service charges applicable apart from Service pack charges?
Data / browsing charges are applicable as per the data plan.

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