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By | March 4, 2017

Back Care Basics: A Doctor’s Gentle Yoga Program for Back and Neck Pain Relief by William Connor (Foreword), Mary Pullig Schatz

Back Care Basics offers the low-cost solution for back care in the new millennium: therapeutic yoga. Dr. Schatz’s approach to back rehabilitation is gentle, effective, and doesn’t resort to drugs or surgery. Her program encourages both positive health practices and a positive outlook; the important tools needed for prevention and healing. Dr. Schatz has designed this program to help those with pain from chronic musculoskeletal back and neck strain, spinal arthritis, osteoporosis, premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, and scoliosis. Simple and practical ways to heal the back, restructure the body, and cope with stress are taught so that one becomes more sensitive to early warning signs of an impending “back attack” and what to do to ward it off.

Back Care Basics

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About the Author

Mary Pullig Schatz graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, where she also completed specialty training in pathology. A certified Iyengar yoga teacher, she teaches yoga to health professionals, medical patients, and other yoga teachers.

  • 264 pages
  • Publisher: Rodmell Press (10 May 1992)

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