220V Wall Mounted Convection Home Electric Heaters

By | January 11, 2019

220V Wall Mounted Convection Home Electric Heaters Home Energy Saving And Heating Heating Fan Bathroom Air Conditioning Hot Air Heating

220V Wall Mounted Convection Home Electric Heaters

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Key features of 220V Wall Mounted Convection Home Electric Heaters

  • The room temperature to achieve your needs will be automatically stopped until the heater, at this time, when the heater temperature drops, the heater automatically closed when the set tempeeature is reached, and then cycles to maintain the best room temperature is reached, and then cycles enviroment.
  • Turn the heat off in the summer and use it as a fan to keep your living spaces at the perfect temperature all year for the utmost convenience and comfort.
  • when using for the first time ,please check if the voltage you are using matches the product requirements, and confime that the socket you are using has a good ground .
  • Uses a PTC heating element which will not dry out your air like a typical space heater. Also features a built in timer and a remote control, which will keep the temperature at a comfortable level.
  • This product is strictly forbidden to be used in the enviroment with inflammable and explosive materials, and the explosive materials, and the ambient temperature should not exceed 30C.

220V Wall Mounted Convection Home Electric Heaters description

ever mall ❤Product description: the company’s energy-saving heater is made by uor company based on forign advanced technology and combined with domestic user’s design , exquisite design , reasnable layout , and structure fast heating , low power consumption , etc. The style of the kitchen is characterized by exquisite structure and beautiful appearance. It adopts advanced PTC ceramic heating elements , high electrothermal conversion efficiency , no open flame. heating up quickly, safe and reliable. ❤Specification: Color: Red Size: 530Ũ220Ũ120mm (21Ũ9Ũ5″) Gear position: 2 gears Rated voltage: 220V Rated power: 1000W / 2000W Heating method: PTC heating element Remote mode: Remote control; Manual Remote control distance: 5 meters Waterproof rating: IPX2 Intellegent timer: 0.5~7.5 hours Applicable environment: bedroom, study, bathroom, office, etc. Applicable area: 25? ❤Maintaince and storage of the body: 1. Before doing external cleaning work, you must turn off the switch and wait for the body to cool before cleaning. 2. regularly clean into the style grille and air outlet to avoid blockage. 3. After cleaning and maintence, put the components into the box in the original packaging order. 4.When the machine is not in use, store it in a place with good dry and ventilated conditions. ❤Package include: 1 x Heater Main Unit 1 x Remote Control 1 x Accessory Kit 1 x Manual


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